ORANGE APPS project was launched

Orange apps: a collection of free apps for kids with special educational needs (SEN). Apps are interconnected through offline central manager available in each device (Android, Windows, iOS).

We have just started this project based on our previous experienece with OPEN SEN PLATFORM which formed open source prototypes of apps for special education, READ MORE HERE.

Meanwhile OPEN SEN PLATFORM stands for prototype solutions – apps aimed and available as open source primarly for developers, Orange apps project is focused on target users = pupils, students and elderly with some disabilities. Orange apps is here to bring free apps for SEN directly to your devices without any need of development knowledge, as simply as possible.

Read more at ORANGE APPS.


Open SEN (special education needs) is a collection of apps for SEN which were developed continuously. These apps are also in close connection with previously proposed i-CT Framework – app for central management in special education. All of these apps can thus use common SEN services directly from i-CT Framework without any need of handling these services on its side. In present time OPEN SEN PLATFORM includes following apps at all (beside the i-CT Framework app):

  • Yes/No app: simple app for AAC (alternative communication)

  • DailyPlanner: simple planner app

  • SoundTherapy: app for music therapy

  • GestureTranslator: app for hand gesture language translation

  • AAC app: application for full alternative communication

These apps can be used in practise of special education or as samples for new app automated development.

EventPlanner app
Detail of hipotherapy event.
EventPlanner app
Editing of breakfast event.
EventPlanner app
Event date setting.







AAC app
AAC main menu.
AAC app
AAC sentence history.
AAC app
AAC speech and visual setting.







MusicTherapy app
Song play mode: list of user songs.
MusicTherapy app.
Guitar selection in free style mode.
MusicTherapy app
Song play mode: playing of Radiohead song.







HandRecogniser app (prerequisite of GestureTranslator app)
Main menu of hand gesture recognizer app.
HandRecogniser app (prerequisite of GestureTranslator app)
List of user gestures to be recognized.
HandRecogniser app (prerequisite of GestureTranslator app)
Proper gesture recognition (using OpenCV in background processing).








See more at download section (available as open source).

New apps and framework available

It is a pleasure to announce that our new framework (called i-CT Framework) for developement of usable apps on tablet computers for disabled users and elderly was released. By using this framework in development of apps for SEN (special education needs), this development should be more automated and final developed app should be usable better in practise.

This framework also works as central management app itself  (Three-in-One):

  • class – user manager

  • apps manager

  • security manager

Furthermore we have also published our new apps collaborating (using its services) with this framework. These apps are mostly usable in special education. See more at download section.

i-CT Framework: user (class) manager.
i-CT Framework: user setting (user, app and rights manager)
i-CT Framework: user personal profile (user manager)
i-CT Framework: app selection (app manager).
Simply alternative comm.: Yes-No app (list of pictograms).
Simply alt. comm.: Yes-No app (list of pictograms).
Simply alt. comm.: Yes-No app (choice between two pictograms).


First apps available.

Finally we can present you our first usable apps for purpose of special education (app for alternative communication, app for sing to language training and app for elementary communication called YES/NO choice). See more at download section.

Easy Talk app
Easy Talk app (alternative communication).
Sign to Language training app
Sign to Language training app (sign exercise).
Sign to Language training app
Sign to Language training app (list of signs).

Welcome to computer as therapy presentation

Hello to our presentation web site. The name “Computer Therapy” or “Computer as Therapy” stands for the practical research in computer science for special education therapy of disabled users (e.g. mentally challenged) and elderly.  Here you can find some basic info about our project called “COMPUTER AS THERAPY” which is applied research and therapy for disabled people in one piece. Our site is still in progress, more sections, articles are added continuously.