Design should be aesthetic and simple (in other words: minimalistic), should be usable and accessible as much as possible. To understand a user needs, user should be in the centre of our design.  But this simple task is not always as easy as it seems to be. Thus there exist some guys who are working hard to make such tasks solved: designers and graphic artists.

Since 2005 I have been working on various projects mostly involved in UX design, web design, app design, graphics, software engineering and development (coding). After Human Computer Interaction foreign studies (postgraduate) in 2008, I have been focused more on UX design. But classical web/app design and graphics have remained in my objective too (a digital SLR camera is still one of my mates).

At this simple presentation you can see some of these projects (in corresponding category) as a samples (mock-ups). These samples do not represent final form of designed or developed result, but just stand as a brief overview of different covered tasks in design and graphic field.  In some of these projects I have also been involved as a software engineer or developer (no problem to understand a coding jargon) but this is not a primary point of this portfolio.